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Meet the Artist

Bec Bradshaw’s love of all things music was evident at a very early age. She started guitar at the age of 9 and by 11 was the lead singer in a cover band. As Bec’s musical talents continued to develop she also learned to play bass, drums and keyboards and began exploring writing her own songs. Bec is now a 21 year old singer, songwriter, producer who has released a number of songs.


Bec has been described as having a “raw, sizzling voice, vaguely reminiscent of Joan Jett, only with added femme fatale brio” by Muzique Magazine. These new talents proved invaluable as Bec began exploring songwriting. Bec’s many years with her cover band and as a solo artist, it is through this band that her love of artists like Joan Jett, Bon Jovi, and Nirvana inspired her alt-punk sound.

What Clients Are Saying

"Bec is an amazing teacher who knows what she’s talking about. I’ve been taking lessons from her for almost two years now and my skills have sky-rocketed. From learning how to play a chord to whole songs in one hour I’ve learned a lot and it’s all thanks to her."

Matthew S.

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